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I’ve been following Jeff Hawkins’ work at Numenta for a while, although I’ve never played with their HTM technology[1]. My view is that the fastest route to AGI is through neuroscience inspired algorithms and cognitive architectures. What Demis Hassabis’ calls a systems neuroscience approach. Numenta’s work does not seem to me to qualify[2] as an integral route to AGI, but definitely looks like a promising building block, not at the systems level, but at the perception algorithm level.

The news is that Numenta will be pushing a cloud based platform comercially, called Grok. Its strong points stem from those things the neo-cortex does well, mainly dealing with time based data robustly and autonomously (online learning), with little of the fine tuning that is involved in traditional machine learning approaches. It is aimed at prediction and anomaly detection in data streams.

The pieces of AGI will be falling into place over the next decades, and maybe this is one of them.


[1] Hierarchical Temporal Memory including HTM Cortical Learning Algorithms

[2] Although Itamar Arel seems to have a different point of view for his related approach

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