liquid tool


This is a simple tool I put together to test a few ideas and understand how liquid democracy works. Its freely available to anybody who wants to play around with it, or use it to demonstrate the idea of liquid democracy. Its written in Scala and Java as a test of interoperability.

You can download it here

To run

java -jar liquid_2.8.1-0.1.min.jar

You need java6, the Scala runtime is included (using Proguard)

Setting up wordpress on EC2

So I finally decided to set up a wordpress installation on EC2 (free tier, yes) as a CMS to host my personal webpage. I used a stack from bitnami, that went smoothly. All I had to do after that was get wordpress serving on the root of the domain, instead of on the preconfigured /wordpress subdirectory.

After that I googled for a bit to find a decent theme, and Im using the word decent here on purpose. Most themes out there are really horrible. Chock full of crap and tacky. I mean it’s not so much about minimalism, but about having a minimum of taste! Anyway, I found a decent one called blogum (you can find the credits on the footer) and made a few modifications.

So, here we are, this is the result!